The first generative NFTs on Solana.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: What is the Solarian NFT project?

A: We are the first generative on-chain NFTs on Solana: Solarian robots originating from Solaria Prime.

Q: How many NFTs will you sell?

A: There will never be more than 10.000 Solarians.

Q: Will the Solarians have special attributes?

A: Yes, they will each have their own set of traits/attributes with varying rarities.

Q: Will the Solarians have some kind of use?

A: Yes, it's on our plans to expand the Solarians use cases.

Q: Is each Solarian unique?

A: That's highly likely!

Solarian Sales

Q: How much does each Solarian cost?

A: Public sale prices follow a rising price curve. It started at 4.8 for the public sale.


Q: How do I apply for the whitelist?

A: For the moment all whitelist applications are closed.

Q: Can I share my whitelist allocations?

A: Sure, just click the link you received in the mail and copy-paste the resulting order's page address.


Q: What wallet should I use?

A: Use as your wallet. Make sure that Mainnet is selected in the upper right corner. If you are confident with the Solana command-line tools, these are also compatible, but we don't provide official support. Don't use an exchange wallet or a multi-wallet like Exodus or Atomic.

Buying your Solarians

Q: When trying to purchase the 15 minutes expired, do I lose my private sale allocation?

A: No, you can re-visit the link after another 15 minutes and your timer will reset. In the public sale,the price will be different though.

Q: If I pay after 15 minutes have expired, what do I do?

A: Since your SOL came too late, you won't have the token in your wallet. You will need to apply for a refund in the refund form. You won't lose the allocation.

Q: How do I see my Solarian?

A: You can see your Solarian Token in your wallet and a graphical rendering preview by visiting our Alpha Wallet and entering your wallet address. The preview is just a preview and will change in the future.

Q: When will we be able to see the final NFT artwork?

A: You already have the temporary rendering of your Solarian. Within the next days and weeks, our rendering code and artwork will mature. No ETA yet, artist and dev are working as hard as possible.

Q: I did not get the Solarian I paid for, what do I do?

A: You can fill out our refund application here: refund form We aim to refund you within 72 hours! Might take a little longer, don't panic.

Q: How do I know I got a rare Solarian?

A: At this point you can't until all Solarians have been minted.

Q: If I pay more, will that Solarian be rarer?

A: No, the rarity is not based on price.


Q: Do you have a Discord server? 

A: Yes, Click here

Q: Do you have a Twitter account? 

A: Yes, Click here

Q: Do you have a Telegram? 

A: Yes, Click here

Q: How do I know if the mail I got is legit?

A: We use [email protected] to send emails. The email is not case-sensitive.