General Questions

Q: What are Solarians?

A: Originating from Solaria Prime, Solarians are a collection of 10,000 animated robots that each have their own unique set of attributes with varying rarities.

Q: When were Solarians created?

A: The first Solarian, 286-W The Flippant, was minted on April the 7th 2021. This was so early in Solana’s development, that there wasn’t much information and tooling and the Metaplex Token Standard had not yet been created!

Q: How were Solarians made?

A: Solarians were minted using a hand-written minting script that interfaced with the SPL-Token command line programs, along with a custom-built queuing and management logic. With 1800 unique robot parts, Solarians were generated based purely on the on-chain information of the mint hash; they are the First On-Chain Generative NFTs on Solana!

Q: What is the mint address of Solarians?

A: The mint address for Solarians is 4nuNUbvQQ6hsYLFB9yAeDdhHRbbxa3vHQwhBbMkD66Sf . Anything not from this address are fake robots!

Q: Where can I buy a Solarian?

A: The best place to buy a Solarian is on https://digitaleyes.market/collections/Solarians (A marketplace that was built in collaboration with the team!)

Q: What is the RoboDAO?

A: RoboDAO is the DAO for Solarian holders! It exists as a community-governed entity distinct that was created to help coordinate community decisions regarding overall direction and appropriate utilization of treasury funding/donations.

Q: How can I join the RoboDAO?

A: Buy a Solarian and join the Solarian Discord to participate in the RoboDAO!

Q: How are Solarians related to DigitalEyes?

A: DigitalEyes started as a collaboration with the Solarian team! Because of this collaboration, the RoboDAO also receives donations totalling 4% of all DigitalEyes marketplace service fees collected.

Q: What is Rumble Worlds?

A: Rumble Worlds is 3D metaverse mash-up game currently being developed as a collaboration between Solarians, Black River Labs and Motion Miracles. This will feature 3D versions of all 10,000 Solarians and Solaria Prime will have it's own world! It will be play-to-earn using an in-game utility token Rumble Coin ($RUMB). For more information visit https://www.rumbleworlds.io